Keynote Speaker: Phil Nigh

Dr. Phil Nigh is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff and has been a Test Engineer for over 33 years at IBM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES. He is responsible for defining & driving Test Strategy including test methods, design-for-test, diagnostic methods and Adaptive Testing. He has over 40 world-wide patents. Phil received his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in 1990. Phil received the Best Paper award at the International Test Conference in 1999 and has done a number of keynote presentations at conferences and workshops. He has organized the “Industry Test Challenges” workshop for over 15 years.

“Emerging Test Methods — How Auto IC Requirements, Adaptive Testing and Multichip Products are Changing the Industry”

Key Industry trends are changing how we Test ICs — and how we guarantee Quality, Reliability and Yield during the production process.   The number of ICs in automobiles is dramatically increasing — and these ICs have very unique requirements.   Leading-edge companies are using more and more “Adaptive Test” methods — that are challenging given our dis-aggregated production test processes.   Also, multichip products (including ICs from multiple suppliers) are finally emerging; but the challenge is that adequate industry support practices are not yet in place.  This talk will both describe these challenges and recommended practices to move the industry ahead.

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