1995 Southwest Test Workshop

The sixth Southwest Test Workshop was a national meeting concentrating on the issues of wafer level testing. There are over 60 "front ends" in the US, and the workshop organizers annually attract wafer test professionals with a specialized technical program.

A number of excellent and highly informative presentations were scheduled. These included talks on probe wear out detection and repair methods, advances in tungsten needle, epoxy ring probe cards, membrane probe cards, probe card characteristics with TDR, recent advances in probe needle materials, probe card manufacturing mini-tutorial, hot chuck probing experiences, JEDEC Known Good Die Standard, probe test diagnostics for yield improvement, multi-die probing, test data collection and management, probe card standards, probe equipment advances and offline inking implementations.

The "workshop" tradition continued with its successful informal and casual atmosphere. Everyone knows that 50% of the value of workshops comes from the informal conversations, so plenty of time was scheduled to promote social interaction.

A wild Mexican Fiesta Reception, the second annual world famous miniature golf tournament, a sunset harbor cruise and long breaks that become an integral part of the technical program were scheduled for the participants.

For more information or to propose a presentation for SWTW 1996, contact the general chair William R. Mann at (714) 833-4013 or william.mann@nb.rockwell.com