2000 Southwest Test Workshop
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The Test Technology Technical Committee of the IEEE Computer Society sponsors over twenty-five similar workshops in various areas of test technology. This is the only IEEE conference that deals specifically with wafer level testing. The two and one half-day event starts Sunday afternoon with registration, a reception, a buffet dinner, and a panel discussion. The conference adjourned on Wednesday at noon, in time to get most participants back to work by Thursday morning. In the past eight years, it has grown to over 475 attendees with many international visitors.

Program Committee Members:
Bill Mann, General Chair, william.mann@ieee.org
Rey Rincon, Texas Instruments, Program Chair, r-rincon@ti.com
Jerry Broz, Texas Instruments,
Technical Program Vice-Chair, j-broz@ti.com
Mike Bonham, Cerprobe, mbonham@cerprobe.com
Jeanette Roberts, Intel, jeanette.roberts@intel.com
Tom Foerster, Conexant, thomas.foerster@conexant.com
Dale Gleason, Agilent, dale_gleason@agilent.com
January Kister, Probe Tech, january.kister@probecard.com
Phil Seitzer, Lucent, seitzer@lucent.com
Fred Taber, IBM, taber@ibm.com