2001 Southwest Test Workshop Program

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SEMATECH Project Update

International SEMATECH Wafer Probe Benchmarking Project

Fred Taber
Probe Project Chair
IBM Microelectronics


Opening Session

Welcome to SWTW-2001

Bill Mann
General Chair
Southwest Test Workshop

Session 1 - High Performance Probing

Providing an Envelope of Solutions for Probing High Power (>100W) Die at Sort

Tim Swettlen
Intel Corp.

Silicon Finger Technology and the Photo-Finger Technology for High-Performance Probe

Ted Khoury
Advantest America, Inc.

Robert Aldaz, Dr. David Yu, and Gert Hohenwarter
Advantest America, Inc.
Winner - Best Data Presentation

RF Signal Characterization of Probe Cards

K. Helmreich and A. Lechner
Advantest Test Engineering Solutions GmbH

Session 2 - Vertical Probing

A High Performance C4 Probe: TFI

Gobinda Das, Ph.D. and Fredrick Taber
IBM Microelectronics
Winner - Most Inspirational Presentation

Area Array Probe Card Interposer

Raphael Robertazzi
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Micro-Probe's Apollo Vertical Card

Stephen G. Hopkins

Session 3 - Probe Process Assessment I - Capability

Distribution and Integrity of Probe Card Analyzer Data

Scott Dobbins
Seagate Technology

Verification of Probing Accuracy

Larry Hendler
Hendler Enterprises

Jeff Hintzke

ELMO Clean: One Year Later

Peter Binkhoff
ELMOS Semiconductor AG

Session 4 - Probe Process Assessment II - Methods

Optimal Wafer Illumination for Machine Vision Applications on Silicon Wafers

John R. Goulding
Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

Effects of Z-Stage Motion control on Probe Contact Force

Martín Martínez
ProbeSolutions – ESACORP

Uday Nayak
Electroglas, Inc.

Wafer Heat Distribution Analysis during Heated Chuck Wafer Probing using Automated Visual Inspection

Thomas Dabelstein and Hans-Uwe Nitschke
Philips Semiconductors

Mike Clay
Semiconductor Technology and Instruments, Inc.

Session 5 - Prober and Probe Card Analyzer Performance

Prober and Probe Card Analyzer Performance Under Load

Raymond Kraft, Ph.D.
Applied Precision, Inc.

Probe Card Metrology for Mixed Signal Cards

Rod Schwartz, Russ Allred, and Daniel Koselki
Integrated Technology Corporation

300-mm Probing-Error Analysis

Uday Nayak
Electroglas, Inc.

What Kind of Probe Card Analyzer Do We Really Need on the Wafer Test Floor?

Frank Pietzschmann
Infineon Technologies Dresden

Session 6 - Memory Probe

High Parallelism Memory Test Advances based on MicroSpring Contact Technology

Thomas Homorodi and Robert Martin
Form Factor, Inc.

KGD solution - At Speed Wafer Testing and Full Contact WLBI after Flip Chip Bumping

An-Hong Liu , Ph.D. and Yuan-Ping Tseng
ChipMOS Technologies, Inc.

MASKROM Auto Fail Bit Map Monitoring Algorithm and Applied Effect In Mass Production

Dong-Seok Chae, Jae-Gyu Kim, Sung-Bu Jun, and Jun-Kyue Bae
MASKROM Team Samsung Electronics

Enabling X144 Flash Memory Test

Roger Sinsheimer
Xandex, Inc.

Ken Karklin
Agilent Technologies
Winner - Best Technical Presentation

Session 7 - New Probe Technologies

Silicon Probe: Semiconductor Testing Probe Utilizing Silicon Whiskers Grown by VLS (Vapor Liquid Solid) Method

Yasunori Chiba, M. Kanai, T. Matsuo, and H. Takizawa
Tokyo Cathode Laboratory Co.,Ltd.

Silicon Whiskers Probe Card

Noriaki Nakazaki and Takuya Tsuruta
TOHO Electronics, Inc.

Fine Pitch Micro Probe Tips using Thin Film Amorphous Alloy under the Micro-Machining Fabrication Technology

K. Wada, H. Kitazume, W. Narazaki, S. Motoyama, M. Miyazaki, T. Takoshima, and Y. Maeda
Advantest Laboratories Ltd.

S. Hata and A. Shimokohbe
Precision and Intelligence Laboratory

Session 8 - Probe and Package Assembly

Wire Bondability Related to Probing

Dominique Langlois
Altis Semiconductor Corbeil-Essonnes

Eugene Lim
Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Building the Framework of an Integral Process to Ensure Fine Pitch Wire Bond and Probe Compatibility

Kenneth Thompson, Sheila Chopin, and Soosan Yoong
Motorola – Austin

How Bad's the Damage? - Evaluating Probe Damage on Aluminum, Solder, Gold, UBM, and Copper Pads

Ken Smith
Cascade MicroTech

Session 9 - Probe Potpourri

35um Pitch Fine Pitch Probe Card

Japan Micronics

Always Trouble with Planarity and Alignment? Solved with Vertical Probe Cards

Klaus Giringer and Gunther Boehm
Feinmetall GmbH

SWTW 2001 Program Committee Members

  • Bill Mann, General Chair
  • Rey Rincon, Texas Instruments, Program Chair
  • Jerry Broz, Texas Instruments, Technical Program Vice-Chair
  • Fred Taber, IBM
  • Rahima Mohammed, Intel
  • Bill Williams, Motorola
  • Phil Seitzer, Lucent
  • Tom Foerster, Conexant
  • Craig Rickey, Agilent Technologies
  • January Kister, K&S Test Division
  • Mike Bonham, "At Large"

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