2006 Southwest Test Workshop Program

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Dinner Session

Probe Year in Review

Bill Mann
General Chair

Managing Subcontracted Testing

Mike Campbell
Vice President of Engineering


Chairman's Welcome

Welcome to SWTW-2006

Bill Mann
Southwest Test Workshop

"SWTW Lifetime Achievement Award" as presented by Bill Mann

K. Reed Gleason and Eric W. Strid
Cascade MicroTech

Session 1 - HVM (High Volume Manufacturing) Challenges

Multiple Re-Sort Effects on Cu Bump Technology

Weida Qian, Zhongkai Xu, James Stiehl, and Chris Tran
Intel Corporation

Searching For Correlations In HVM Wafer Testing

Zhineng Fan, Ph.D., Youssef Fassi, and Rey Rincon
SV Probe

Tuan Duong
Intel Corporation

Development of Next Generation Probe Card Maintenance Process for Wafer Sort

Zhiming Mei
Intel Corporation

Session 2 - Multi-DUT / High Pin Methodologies

Lessons Learned Probing Power Management Devices in a Multi-DUT Test Format

Paul O’Neil
Cascade MicroTech Europe
Winner - Best Presentation, Tutorial in Nature

Low Force Interface for Multi-DUT Logic and Memory Applications

Gerald Back and Habib Kilicaslan
SV Probe

Methodology of Stable Probe Card Power Path Design for Wafer Level Testing

Sayed Mobin
Intel Corporation

Session 3 - Pad Damage

Modified Tool for Developmental Analysis and Real Time QRA Probe Card and Sockets

Terence Q. Collier

Key Methods in Reducing Pad Crack Risk at Probing Low-k Wafers

Frank Hwang, Steve Hsu, and J. H. Chen

Dean Yang, Wensen Hung, and Jacky Tsai
Micronics Japan Co. LTD
Winner - Best Data Presentation

Controlling Bond Pad Damage at 129C Probing

Daniel Fresquez, Eddie McClanahan, and Al Wegleitner
Texas Instruments, Inc.

Pad Damage Management on the Test Floor

John Strom
Applied Precision, LLC

Session 4 - CRes Methodologies

Novel Methodologies for Assessing On-line Probe Process Parameters

Jerry Broz, Ph.D., Brice Blanc, and Gene Humphrey
International Test Solutions

Patrick Mui
JEM – America

Rhett Moore
Micron Technology
Winner - Most Inspirational Presentation

Parametric Study of Contact Fritting for Improved CRes Stability

Dr. Christian Degen, Oliver Nagler, Michael Horn, and Dr. Florian Kaesen
Infineon Technologies AG
Co-Winner - Best Technical Presentation

Fritting – Experiences with Non-ohmic CRES While Wafer Test Probing

Jan Martens
Philips Semiconductors – Hamburg
Co-Winner - Best Technical Presentation

CRES Control Using CDA as a Shielding Gas

Steve Austin, Gary Grayson, and Al Wegleitner
Texas Instruments, Inc.

Session 5 - Large Area Probing

Prober Stability with Large Probing Area and High Pin-count

Gunther Boehm
Feinmetall GmbH

One Touch 300mm Wafer Probing

Sunil Wijeyesekera and Makarand Shinde
FormFactor, Inc.

Extreme Sports

Roger Sinsheimer

Session 6 - IMSI SEMATECH and Probe Metrology Panel

The Probe-Centric Future of Test

Jack Courtney - IBM Microelectronics
Nadine Aldahhan - Freescale
Michael Egloff - AMD

Probe Metrology Panel Discussion

Nadine Aldahhan - Freescale
Darren Coil - Intel
Jack Courtney - IBM
Brett Crump - Micron
Mike Harris - Texas Instruments
Jens Kober - AMD
Ger Koch - Philips Semiconductor
Frank Pietzschmann - Qimonda

Session 7 - Probe Pourri

High Current Wafer Probing Solution

Mark McLaren
Integrated Technology Corporation

Maximizing the Performance of an Atypical Cantilever Probe Wire Material

Frederick Taber

Bandwidth Improvement Techniques on Probe Cards

Habib Kilicaslan and Bahadir Tunaboylu, Ph.D.
SV Probe

Implementing Inkless Wafer Sort

Mark Banke
Altera Corporation

Session 8 - Probe Test Data Management

Highly Efficient DPPM Programs Depend on Pre-production and Post-probe Data Analysis

Michael Scott and Greg Labonte
Test Advantage, Inc.

Automated Correlation Wafer Management and Processing

Jeffrey C. Quinton
Delphi – Delco

F. B. Lynch III and Steve Sato

Dynamic Test-Cell Controller

Rob Marcelis
Salland Engineering

SWTW 2006 Chairs

  • William Mann, General Chair
  • Jerry Broz, Ph.D., International Test Solutions, Technical Program Chair
  • Maddie Harwood, CEM Inc., Registration and Finance Chair
  • Megan White, CEM Inc., EXPO Coordinator

SWTW 2006 Program Committee

  • Jack Courtney, IBM Microelectronics
  • Michael Egloff, AMD
  • Michael Harris, Texas Instruments
  • Ken Karklin, Agilent Technologies
  • Ger Koch, Philips Semiconductor
  • Scott Mitchell, Texas Instruments
  • Rey Rincon, Kulicke and Soffa
  • Phil Seitzer, Agere (Retired)
  • Roger Sinsheimer, Xandex
  • Tim Swettlen, Intel
  • Fred Taber, BiTS Workshop General Chair
  • Bill Williams, Freescale (Retired)

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