2003 Southwest Test Workshop Program

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Cost of Test Tutorial

The Impact of Design For Test on the Cost of Test

Bill Mann
General Chair
Southwest Test Workshop

Dinner Guest Speaker

The IC Market Recovery Outlook

Brian Matas
Vice President
IC Insights, Inc.


Chairman's Welcome

Welcome to SWTW-2003

Bill Mann
General Chair
Southwest Test Workshop
Winner - Lifetime Achievement Award

Session 1 - New Probe Technologies

Full Wafer Contact Repeatability and Reliability

Steve Steps and Scott Lindsey, Ph.D.
Aehr Test Systems

A High Parallelism, High Bandwidth Probe Card using SiFi MEMS Probes

Keith Lee, Bob Aldaz, Yu Zhou, Ph.D., David Yu, Ph.D., Gert Hohenwarter, and Tassos Golnas
Advantest America, Inc.

Vertical Micro-Probe Design Based on the EFABTM Micro-Fabrication Process

Chris Bang and Nelsimar Vandelli
MEMGen Corporation

Session 2 - Memory Probing

High Throughput Challenges for 300mm Wafer Testing

Clark Liu
Powerchip Semiconductor Corp

Nobuhiro Kawamata
FormFactor, Inc., Asia

Ken Taoka
Tokyo Electron Limited

Critical Factors in Testing MRAM Devices

Bill Stevenson
Cypress Semiconductor

George Asmerom and Chris Taylor
Electroglas Inc.

Memory XXL Another Step on the Way to Full Wafer Probing - 256 DUT on Beta-mode

Klaus Giringer and Gunther Boehm

Session 3 - Vertical Probe Challenges

International SEMATECH Wafer Probe Council Report on Vertical Probing Experiences

Frederick L. Taber
IBM Microelectronics

Gavin Gibson
Infineon Technologies

Hybrid Buckling Beam Contact for Vertical Probe Cards

Robert Murphy
Wentworth Laboratories, Inc.

Ultimate Frequency Limitations of Cobra Probe Contactors

Raphael Robertazzi
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Predicting the Performance of Sort Tooling to 40 Gb/s

Brett Grossman
Intel Corp.

Bryan Boots
Ansoft Corporation
Winner - Best Presentation, Tutorial in Nature

Session 4 - Metal Stack / Dielectric Characterization

Multi-site Probing for Wafer-Level Reliability

Louis Solis De Ancona
Agilent Technologies

Sharad Prasad and David Pachura

A Novel In-situ Methodology to Characterize Bond Pad and Dielectric Mechanical Behavior during Wafer Level Test

Cheryl Hartfield
Texas Instruments, Inc.

Tom Moore, Ph.D.
Omniprobe, Inc.

Jerry Broz, Ph.D.
Point Technologies, Inc.
Winner - Best Technical Presentation

Vertical Probe Development for Copper Probing Challenges

Bahadir Tunaboylu, Ph.D.
Kulicke & Soffa Industries

Ethan Caughey
Intel Corp.

MicroForce™ Probing for low-k ILD Testing

Rod Martens, Ph.D.
Form Factor, Inc.

Abdel Abdelrahman
Intel Corp.

Steve Martinez
Tokyo Electron Limited

Session 5 - MEMs Technologies

MEMs Technology in Testing

Richard Chuang
SCS Hightech Inc.

The New Probe Tip Fabricated by MEMS (LIGA Process) for No-cleaning Test

Tsuyoshi Haga, K.Okada, J.Yorita, and Y.Hirata
Harima R&D Department

Analysis Technology Research Center
Winner - Best Data Presentation

A Comparison of Scrub Marks & Contact Resistance Between Cantilever Type and New MEMS Type Probe Cards

Jae-Ha Lee and Byung-Ho Jo, Ph.D.
Phicom Ltd.

Multi-die Testing using Silicon Micro-Cantilever Probe Card

Dong Il Kim, Ph.D.
AMST Co., Ltd.

Session 6 - Controlling Contact Resistance

On the Way to 30-um Pads - A New Generation of Kerf Cards

Swen Harder
Formfactor Inc.

Frank Pietzschmann
Infineon Technologies Dresden

Controlling Contact Resistance with Probe Tip Shape and Cleaning Recipe Optimization

Scott Stalnaker, Clint Churchill, Vail McBride, and Kelly Burnside
AMI Semiconductor

Jerry Broz, Ph.D.
Point Technologies, Inc.

Gene Humphrey
International Test Solutions

Off-Line Chemical Cleaning Technology for Removal of Solder Contaminant from Cobra® Vertical Technology Probe Tips

Bill Fulton
Wentworth Laboratories, Inc.

Session 7 - Probe Process Characterization

New Tools for Probing Process Management

Cary Kiest

Jim Andersen
Applied Precision, LLC

A Computer-based Probing C.O.O. Model

Oliver Nagler and Gavin Gibson
Infineon Technologies AG

A Statistical Method for Eliminating False Counts Due to Debris, Using Automated Visual Inspection for Probe Marks

Max Guest and Mike Clay
August Technology

44 Micron Pitch Probe Capabilities Assessment

Bill Williams, Tony Angelo, S.S. Yan, Tu-Anh Tran, Stephen Lee, and Matt Ruston
Winner - Most Inspirational Presentation

Session 8 - Advances in Probe Card Analyzers

Test and Maintenance of Very High Pin Count Cards

Rod Schwartz and Daniel Kosecki
Integrated Technology Corporation

Performance of a Next Generation High Speed, High Precision, Probe Card Analyzer

Jeffrey S. Greenberg and Raymond Kraft, Ph.D.
Applied Precision, LLC

Future Trends in Wafer Level Test

Bill Mann
General Chair

SWTW 2003 Chairs

  • William Mann, General Chair
  • Jerry Broz, Ph.D., Point Technologies, Technical Program Chair
  • Maddie Harwood, CEM Inc., Registration and Finance Chair

SWTW 2003 Program Committee

  • Michael Egloff, AMD
  • Tom Foerster, Jazz Semiconductor
  • Gavin Gibson, Infineon Technologies
  • Michael Harris, Texas Instruments
  • Ken Karklin, Agilent Technologies
  • Ger Koch, Philips Semiconductor
  • Rey Rincon, Kulicke and Soffa
  • Phil Seitzer, Agere Systems
  • Roger Sinsheimer, Xandex
  • Tim Swettlen, Intel
  • Fred Taber, IBM Microelectronics
  • Bill Williams, Motorola

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