2004 Southwest Test Workshop Program

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Wafer Level Test Tutorial

The Leading Edge of Wafer Probe Technology

Bill Mann
General Chair
Southwest Test Workshop

Probe Card Tracking Operations Within SEMATECH Probe Council Member Companies

Frederick L. Taber
IBM Microelectronics

Michael Harris
Texas Instruments

Dinner Guest Speaker

Impact of Globalization and the Development of the Test Tooling Industry

Steven B. Strauss
Intel Test Tooling Operations, Intel Corporation


Chairman's Welcome

Welcome to SWTW-2004

Bill Mann
General Chair
Southwest Test Workshop

Session 1 - Memory Probing

Test System Requirements For Wafer Level MRAM Test

Raphael Robertazzi
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Winner - Best Presentation, Tutorial in Nature

Cost-Effective Fully Tested Die with High Frequency and High Throughput Wafer Test Solution

Masahide Ozawa
Elpida Memory, Inc.

Nobuhiro Kawamata
FormFactor Inc., Asia

Adventures in Extreme Parallel Probing

Roger Sinsheimer
Xandex, Inc.

Session 2 - High Power Testing

New Methodology for Vertical Probe Current Carrying Capacity Characterization

Ron Kirby and Hongfei Yan
Intel Corporation

Vertical Probing Goes Power: Multi-Site Wafer Probing of Automotive ICs

Rainer Gaggl, Ph.D.
T.I.P.S. Messtechnik GmbH

Power Delivery Challenges of High Power Device at Sort

Sayed Mobin and Kevin Zhu
Intel Corporation

Session 3 - Micro-electronic Machined Technologies

Cantilever Based Ultra Fine Pitch Probing

Christian Leth Petersen, Peter Folmer Nielsen, and Dirch Petersen

Study on Microprobe Processing by LIGA on Si - Fundamental Study for 3-D Model

Teppei Kimura
Japan Electronic Materials Corp.

Tadashi Hattori
Himeji Institute of Technology

Session 4 - Low-k Dielectric / Reduced Force Probe

Non-Damage Probing and Analysis of ILD Damage at Scrub Marks

J. Yorita, T. Haga, and Y. Hirata
Osaka R&D Laboratories

Optimization of MicroSpring® Contact Design Parameters for Low Pressure Probing

Rod Martens, Ph.D. and Larry Levy
Form Factor, Inc.

Evaluation of Cantilever Probe-Induced Dielectric Cracks in Cu/Low-k Devices

Cheryl Hartfield, Dan Stillman, and Jason Aronoff
Texas Instruments, Inc.
Winner - Best Data Presentation

Integrating Microhardness Testing into IC Evaluation

Terence Collier

Nick Randall, Ph.D.
CSM Instruments, Inc.

Rey Rincon
Kulicke & Soffa Industries

Session 5 - Probe Card Analysis / Troubleshooting

Structural Stability of Shelf Probe Cards

Krzysztof Dabrowiecki
Probe 2000
Winner - Most Inspirational Presentation

New Approaches to Epoxy Ring and Shelf Card Maintenance

Rod Schwartz
Integrated Technology Corporation

Sue Neises
Intel Corporation

A Test Setup for Probe Card Characterization under “Production-like” Operating Conditions

Michael Horn, Oliver Nagler, and Stephan Fuchs
Infineon Technologies AG

Probe Card Troubleshooting Techniques

Craig Rickey
Agilent Technologies

Session 6 - Probe Process Characterization

Dynamic Outlier Algorithm Selection for Quality Improvement and Test Program Optimization

Paul Buxton and Paul Tabor
Test Advantage Ltd

Increasing Productivity at Wafer Test Using Probe Data Analysis

Akiko F. Balchiunas
IBM Microelectronics

Closed Loop Metrology

Jim Andersen
Applied Precision, LLC

Expanding Traditional Cantilever Technology to Meet Advanced DRI Fine Pitch Probe Requirements

Bill Williams, Tony Angelo, Sho-Siang Yan, and Alan Ferguson
Freescale Semiconductor
Winner - Best Technical Presentation

Session 7 - Probe Pourri

Gram Force Measurement Technology for a Low Cost Analyzer

Beijert Engineering

Extending Cantilevered Probe Card Life: An "Abrasive" Approach

Gene Humphrey
International Test Solutions, Inc.

Rainer Gaggl, Ph.D.
T.I.P.S. Messtechnik GmbH

Probe and Planarize™ - Optimizing Bump Shape and Height at Probe

Vada Dean and Tom Nguyen
Celerity Research

Wireless Probe Card

Chris Sellathamby, Ph.D., P.Eng., Keith Brown, Ph.D., and Steve Slupsky
Scanimetrics Inc.
Winner - Most Innovative Technology Presentation

Session 8 - Challenges, Challenges, and More Challenges

Challenges in 10GHz Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA) Production Testing

Xiaofang Mu, Ph.D.
Vitesse Semiconductor Corp.

Challenges and More Challenges

Ken Smith and Dean Gahagan
Cascade MicroTech


Jens Kober
AMD Saxony LLC & Co. KG

Bob Rogers
Wentworth Laboratories, Inc.

SWTW 2004 Chairs

  • William Mann, General Chair
  • Jerry Broz, Ph.D., International Test Solutions, Technical Program Chair
  • Maddie Harwood, CEM Inc., Registration and Finance Chair

SWTW 2004 Program Committee

  • Michael Egloff, AMD
  • Michael Harris, Texas Instruments
  • Ken Karklin, Agilent Technologies
  • Ger Koch, Philips Semiconductor
  • Rey Rincon, Kulicke and Soffa
  • Phil Seitzer, Agere Systems
  • Roger Sinsheimer, Xandex
  • Tim Swettlen, Intel
  • Fred Taber, BiTS Workshop General Chair
  • Bill Williams, Freescale Semiconductor

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