2009 IEEE SW Test Workshop

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Tutorials - Applied Metrology and Case Studies Tutorial

Applied Metrology and Tool Gauge Studies

Jerry Broz, Ph.D.
General Chair
SW Test Workshop

Brett Crump
Technical Program Chair
SW Test Workshop

Assessing Metrology Tool Capability

Jeff Greenberg
Rudolph Technologies

Case studies of Wafer Sort Floor Problems

Darren James
SW Test Committee
Rudolph Technologies


Dinner Session

Probe Year in Review

Jerry Broz, Ph.D.
SW Test Workshop

Keynote Speaker - "Test Economics Driving Test Technology"

Risto Puhakka
VLSI Research

Chairman's Welcome and Overview

Welcome to Semiconductor Wafer (IEEE SW Test) Workshop 2009

Jerry Broz, Ph.D.
SW Test Workshop

Session 1 - Large Array Probing

Highest Parallel Test for DRAM Enabled through Advanced TRE (Tester Resource Enhancement)

Michael Huebner, Ph.D.
FormFactor, Inc.

How to Buckle Under Pressure

Scott Lindsey, Ph.D. and Chris Buckholtz
Aehr Test Systems

Simon Allgaier and Gunther Boehm
Feinmetall GmbH

Evaluation of Low Pressure MEMS Probes

Scott Clegg and Krzysztof Dabrowiecki

Shoichi Asanuma

Darren James
Rudolph Technologies

A Challenge of 150k Probes on 300mm

Satoshi Sasaki and Yoshiro Nakata
Chip Test Technology Research Lab, Association of Super-Advanced Electronics Technologies

Session 2 - Signal Integrity

'Issues in Power Delivery System Performance Verification

Gert Hohenwarter
GateWave Northern
Winner - Best Presentation, Tutorial in Nature

Kelvin Contactors for Wafer Scale Test

Jim Brandes
Everett Charles Technologies

Optimization of Wafer Level Test Hardware using Signal Integrity Simulation

Jason Mroczkowski and Ryan Satrom
Everett Charles Technologies
Winner - Most Inspirational Presentation

Session 3 - Sort Floor Data

A Probe Data Collection System - Test Head Cum-map (THC)

Mark Winn
Intel Corp.

Test Data Validation

Rob Marcelis
Salland Engineering

High Speed 3D Probe Mark Inspection

Brad Lawrence
Aceris-3D Instruments

Cost Effective Probe Card Metrology Tools

Rod Schwartz
Integrated Technology Corp

Session 4 - High Temperature

Hot Spot: High Temperature Probing

Wolfgang Schaefer, Ph.D. and Gunther Boehm
Feinmetall GmbH
Winner - Best Data Presentation

Improving Scrub Performance and Reducing Soak Time with a New Mechanism to Stabilize Probe Card Temperature

Cameron Harker, Jeff Lin, and Stuart Pearce
FormFactor, Inc.

Optical SerDes Test Interface for High-Speed and Parallel Testing

Sanghoon Lee, Ph.D., Sejang Oh, Kyeongseon Shin, and Wuisoo Lee
Samsung Electronics

Session 5 - Controlling Contact Resistance

Clean the Wafer, Not the Probe Card

Terence Q. Collier

Investigating Copper Metallurgy Effects for Sort Process and Cleaning Performance Metrics

Jan Martens
NXP Semiconductors (Hamburg)

Simon Allgaier
Feinmetall GmbH

Jerry Broz, Ph.D.
International Test Solutions

Advances in Offline Reshaping and Cleaning for Cantilever, Vertical and Lithographic Probe Cards– Tip Diameter Control for POAA

Rainer Gaggl, Ph.D.
T.I.P.S. Messtechnik GmbH

Dominique Langlois
Altis Semiconductor

The UltraSound CLEANER™ - A Non Destructive Cleaning Solution for PC, Optimizing Test Floor Yield and COO

Herve Alle
SEMI Consulting

Session 6 - RF Probing Practices

Overcoming Challenges of High Multi-site, High Multi-port RF Wafer Sort Testing

Daniel Watson

mmWave RFIC Probing Systems for Engineering and Production Test

Mark Roos
Roos Instruments

Roger Hayward
Cascade Microtech

MicroProbe Vx-RF Probe Card Technology

Mike Slessor, Ph.D. and January Kister

Christian Degan, Ph.D., Oliver Nagler, Ph.D., and Mahmoud Nouri
Infineon GmbH

Session 7 - Damage Control and Low Force Probing

High Speed Pre-Probe Wafer Inspection

Brad Lawrence
Aceris-3D Instruments

MEMS Technology - Enabling Design Flexibility for Fine Pitch Probing

Bahadir Tunaboylu, Ph.D. and Gerald Back
SV Probe

An Experimental Work and Analysis of Vertical Cobra Probing on Low-k Wafers

Yuan Huang, Gary Liu, and Thompson Hsu
United Microelectronics Corp (UMC)

Wensen Hung, Cahris Lin, and Dean Yang
MPI – Taiwan
Winner - Best Technical Presentation

Session 8 - Standards and Methods

Effective Integration of Advanced Probe Card Technologies from Development to Production Test Floors

James Tong and Norm Armendariz, Ph.D.
Texas Instruments

50-um Pitch Vertical Probing

John Wolfe, Norm Armendariz, Ph.D., and James Tong
Texas Instruments

Fred Megna and Sato Minoru
Micronics Japan (MJC)

ISMI Probe Council - Current Carrying Capability Measurement Standard

Boyd Daniels
ISMI Probe Council Chair

Rapid Diagnostics Using a Prober Based PCA

Sammy Mok

Session 9 - Probe Potpourri

Brittle Fracture of Ceramics - Introduction to Mechanical Behavior of Ceramics

Krzysztof Dabrowiecki and Scott Clegg

The Integration of RC Springprobe™ Technology into Massively Parallel, Discrete Node, Low Force Space Transformers

Gordon A. Vinther
Ardent Concepts

SWTW 2009 Chairs

  • Dr. Jerry Broz, International Test Solutions, General Chair
  • Brett Crump, Micron Technologies, Technical Program Chair
  • William Mann, General Chair Emeritus
  • Maddie Harwood, CEM, Inc.,Finance Chair
  • Meredith M. Griffith, CEM, Inc., Registration / EXPO Coordinator

SWTW 2009 Program Committee

  • Warren "Stu" Crippen, Intel
  • Darren James, Rudolph Technologies
  • Roger Hayward, Cascade Microtech
  • Ken Karklin, AeroVironment, Technical Program Committee
  • Jan Martens, NXP Semiconductors Germany GmbH
  • Rod Martens, FormFactor, Inc.
  • Patrick Mui, JEM-America, Technical Program Committee
  • Frank Pietzschmann, Qimonda AG
  • Rey Rincon, Freescale Semiconductor
  • Fred Taber, BiTS Workshop, Proceedings Coordinator

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