SWTest 2023 Attendee Survey

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback of the 2023 SWTest Conference. It’s important to us and we want to be sure we provide the best experience possible in 2024.

    Did you find the Monday Morning Keynote Address interesting and useful professionally?

    The quality of the Technical Program and its usefulness professionally

    The Advanced Registration process for ease of use and efficiency

    The Self-Check-In Registration Kiosks for ease of use and efficiency

    The Mobile App for ease of use and usefulness throughout the conference

    The EXPO for providing a relaxed opportunity for valuable contact and networking with industry suppliers and colleagues

    The EXPO Trivia Contest for providing an easy, fun way to interact with exhibitors/attendees

    The Networking and Social Events for enhancing your conference experience

    The OMNI La Costa as a resort conference facility that enhanced your conference experience

    The OMNI reservations and check-in process for ease of use, courtesy and efficiency.

    Overall, SWTest 2023 for providing a valuable content and networking experience that will help you professionally.

    I plan to attend SWTest 2024

    I plan to attend SWTest Asia 2023

    Please provide any comment you feel would help us to improve upon the conference for next year, whether it’s the program, the hotel, the conference facility, the food & beverage, or your guest room.