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Mentoring Program – New Initiative!

Why Mentoring is important…

Creating structure to gain new perspectives on significant matters.

Connecting – Real dialog with Probe industry expert.

Rising – Lifting to multiple levels of viewpoints and guiding from lessons.

Engaging – Regular connections of insight, intentional networking.

Worldwide –  Global industry, providing diverse perspective of industry.

2022 Information Coming Soon

2021 SWT Crew Pilot Program

  • Recruiting, diverse perspectives, passionate about creating change.
  • The first step is to register for SWTest 2021 (at any level) by July 26. SWTest 2021 is scheduled from Monday, August 30 – Wednesday, September 1.
  • After registering for the conference, if interested in participating in the Mentorship Program, please send an email to us at SWTCrew@SWTest.org to volunteer or participate in the program.
  • Thank you for your willingness to provide guidance for our future.

4 Phases of Mentoring

  1. Get to know each other – Building the relationship
  2. Outline objectives and measurable goals for the journey, quarterly checkpoints
  3. Follow the plan and regroup/reengage “Probe the Mentor/Mentee”
  4. Conclude mentoring activities

1-year program

Kickoff date: August 2021  Closure date: June 2022

MENTEE Expectations

Initially focused on Females

  • Personal goals specify eg. career, motivation or gain skills
  • Willing to learn and share 1:1
  • Schedule sessions (every 4-6wks)
  • Maintain learning journal
  • Open mindset to new thoughts and methods
  • Listen and consider acting on advice
  • Proactive and flexible, homework!

Mentee Form

    MENTOR Expectations

    Sharing Wisdom

    • Trust & Confidentiality
    • Teacher, Adviser, Guide, Friend.
    • Two-way relationship learning
    • Maintain engagement
    • Big picture, puzzle pieces
    • Reflective attitude, embrace the risk of change…
    • Unconditional positive attitude
    • Not coaching or sponsorship

    Mentor Form

      Final thoughts…

      • Understand different styles
      • Have a “Go for it” attitude, unique opportunity in Probe Industry
      • Stay in balance by seeking to become a “Superpower” not “Superwoman”
      • Seek to find mutually beneficial results from your relationship (teamwork)
      • Good time to create your mission and develop strategies to achieve it.
      • Expand your contacts and network, follow up on assigned homework.
      • Be an advocate for other women in the industry, actively seek advice.
      • Speak up! Help us make this program a success for the next SWT Crew.
      • With your information, we will match intentionally for best connections.

      How do I sign up?

      During the SWTest Registration Process, you will be given an opportunity to opt into the Mentor Program either as a Mentor or Mentee. You will be asked to fill out a form that will be sent to the SWT Crew Committee. The information you provide in the form will be used to help us match you to the right person.

      What to expect

      Here is an overview of the process and timeline:

      • Deadline to sign up for the Mentoring Program closes when Registration ends
      • SWT Crew will start the Match-Making Process as soon as Registration closes
      • SWT Crew will host a Kick-Off Event at SWTest in San Diego on August 31 at 2:00pm
      • The Mentor-Mentee Matches will be announced the SWT Crew Kick-Off Event
      • Mentor/Mentee will meet virtually monthly throughout the year
      • Program end is tentatively June 2022 at SWTest in San Diego

      If you have any questions about the program, feel free to email us at SWTCrew@SWTest.org

      We look forward to engaging with you!

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      Hybrid includes in-person and virtual | Virtual is virtual-only

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