The SWTest Committee is an international group of experienced probe technologists that volunteer their time and efforts to help develop the Technical Program of the conference. All committee members are asked to help guide the program as well as “beat the bushes” to encourage colleagues, customers, and suppliers to submit their work for an interesting and topical agenda. Committee members may be asked to help select the presentations, invite additional speakers and presenters, provide tutorials, and coordinate the technical sessions during the conference. Participation on the SWTest Committee is a purely voluntary activity and should be considered a personal commitment to the conference and associated activities.  Anyone interested in becoming a member of the committee and contributing to the success of the SWTest conference should contact the General Chair.

SWTest Chairs

Jerry Broz, PhD
Delphon Industries, General Chair

Rey Rincon
PTSL, Technical Program Chair

Patrick Mui
JEM America, Technical Program Co-Chair

Maddie Harwood
Conference & Exhibits Management, Inc. (CEM), Finance Chair/Conference Management

SWTest SD Technical Program Committee

  • Jerry Broz, PhD, Delphon Industries (US)
  • John Caldwell, MJC Electronics Corp. (US)
  • Geert Gouwy, IMEC (Belgium)
  • Darren James, Onto Innovation (US)
  • Clark Liu, Taiwan MJC Co. (Taiwan)
  • Patrick Mui, JEM America (US)
  • Mark Ojeda, Infineon (US)
  • Rey Rincon, PTSL (US)
  • Raffaele Vallauri, Technoprobe (Italy)
  • Joey Wu, Member-at-Large (Taiwan)

SWTest SD Steering Committee

  • Davide Appello, STMicroelectronics (US)
  • Karen Armendariz, Celadon Systems (US)
  • Gunther Boehm, Feinmetall GmbH (Germany)
  • Geert Gouwy, IMEC (Belgium)
  • Michael Huebner, PhD, FormFactor, Inc. (Germany)
  • Joonyeon (JY) Kim, Samsung Electronics (Korea)
  • Amy Leong, FormFactor, Inc. (US)
  • Alistair Liang, Micron Technology (US)
  • Clark Liu, Taiwan MJC Co. (Taiwan)
  • Grace Liu, PhD, Intel Corporation (US)
  • Mark Ojeda, Infineon (US)
  • Connie Smith, Texas Instruments (US)
  • Raffaele Vallauri, Technoprobe (Italy)
  • Joey Wu, Member-at-Large (Taiwan)