Back by popular demand, the 5th Annual EXPO Scavenger Hunt!


The EXPO Scavenger Hunt Increases Traffic to Your Booth!

The EXPO Scavenger Hunt encourages attendees to visit all participating exhibitors (at both the in-person and virtual booths) to win big prizes.

This is a sure way to get traffic and create buzz at your booth.  All you need to do is donate an item (valued at a minimum of $50 but most prizes are in the $100-150 range) and your booth will be added into the Scavenger Hunt.


How Do We Participate?

Please review the details of the Exhibitor Scavenger Hunt below and make sure you contact Alice Jones with your prize information no later than May 13, 2022.


  1. Exhibitors who wish to participate in the EXPO Scavenger Hunt must notify Alice Jones, no later than May 13 with a description of their prize donation (minimum value $50).
  2. SWTest will distribute an email blast in late May announcing the EXPO Scavenger Hunt to all conference attendees and listing participating exhibitors as well as the prizes to be won.
  3. Both in-person and virtual-only exhibitors will have a Scavenger Hunt document within their virtual booths that attendees will need to add to their virtual swag bag. For virtual-only exhibitors, all attendees whether in-person or virtual, must add the document to their swag bag to be counted as a “visited” booth.
  4. Participating in-person exhibitors will be given their Scavenger Hunt Sponsor signage with QR code at the Registration Desk.  (Signage will be full color, easel-back, tabletop, foam core sign.)
  5. There will be signage in the registration foyer and the entrances to all EXPO areas with the list of participating exhibitors, prizes, and rules on how to win.
  6. Exhibitor listing in electronic EXPO Directory will indicate Scavenger Hunt Sponsor with a star next to listing:  *SHS = Scavenger Hunt Sponsor
  7. Exhibitor listing on Website and Mobile App will indicate Scavenger Hunt Sponsor with a star next to listing:   *SHS = Scavenger Hunt Sponsor
  8. Virtual Exhibit booths will also have a “badge” that indicates a Scavenger Hunt Sponsor within their booth description.
  9. In-person conference attendees must visit all participating in-person EXPO Scavenger Hunt exhibitors in order to be eligible to win any prizes.  In addition, they must add the virtual-only exhibitors’ Scavenger Hunt document to their virtual swag bag. When all participating exhibitors’ QR codes have been scanned or their virtual documents have been added, they will automatically be entered in the contest for prizes.
  10. The exhibitor can choose whether to bring the prize to San Diego (in case the winner is also in person) or save it for shipping to the winner.
  11. Winners of the Scavenger Hunt will be drawn during the Tuesday Night Social Event. Both winners and exhibitors will be notified to arrange for shipping if necessary.
  12. Be sure to join in the fun by participating in the Scavenger Hunt!