SWTest 2022 Sponsor & Exhibitor Survey

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback of the 2022 SWTest Conference. It’s important to us and we want to be sure we provide the best experience possible in 2023.

    What did you like the most – and the least about this year’s EXPO?

    How would you rate the overall experience?

    EXPO Hall and Booth Location

    Amount of Time Allotted to the EXPO

    Food & Beverage Events in EXPO

    Quality of Booth Traffic

    Encore Electric and Internet Service

    Presentation Technologies A/V Service


    How likely are you to exhibit in future SWTest EXPOs?

    Would you recommend the SWTest EXPO? Why/Why not?

    If you are a Sponsor, what benefits are most important to you? Rate 1 – 5 below.

    Guaranteed Rooms at Omni

    Complimentary Registrations

    Golf Tournament Team

    Sponsor Hospitality Event

    Other (fill below)

    Please provide us with any other feedback you feel would be helpful.