2000 Southwest Test Workshop Program

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About The Workshop

The Test Technology Technical Committee of the IEEE Computer Society sponsors over twenty-five similar workshops in various areas of test technology. This is the only IEEE conference that deals specifically with wafer level testing. The two and one half-day event starts Sunday afternoon with registration, a reception, a buffet dinner, and a panel discussion. The conference adjourned on Wednesday at noon, in time to get most participants back to work by Thursday morning. In the past eight years, it has grown to over 475 attendees with many international visitors.

  • To Advance Wafer Test Technology
  • To Serve and Inform the Wafer Test Professional
  • To Boldly Go Where No Workshop Has Gone Before

Copyright Notice

  • The presentations included in the SWTW proceedings reflect the authors opinions and are presented without change. Inclusion in the proceedings does not constitute an endorsement by the SouthWest Test Workshop Committee, IEEE Computer Society or the IEEE Test Technology Council.
  • There is no copyright protection claimed by these proceedings. However, each presentation is the work of the authors and their respective companies. As such, proper acknowledgment should be made to the proper source. Any questions regarding the use of any materials presented should be directed to the authors or their respective companies.

The Committee

  • Bill Mann, General Program Chair
  • Rey Rincon, Texas Instruments, Technical Program Chair
  • Jerry Broz, Texas Instruments, Technical Program Vice-Chair
  • Mike Bonham, Cerprobe
  • Scott Williams, Cerprobe
  • Phil Seitzer, Lucent Technologies
  • Jeanette Roberts, Intel
  • Tom Foerster, Conexant
  • Kathy Kontur, Conexant
  • Dale Gleason, Agilent Technologies
  • January Kister, Probe Technology
  • Todd Schnack, Probe Technology
  • Fred Taber, IBM Microelectronics

What is a Test Workshop?

  • Not a theoretical or academic conference
  • Informal and relaxed atmosphere
  • Provides practical solutions to real problems
  • Mixture of vendor and user presentations
  • Open discussions and networking

Informal Discussions

  • Long breaks for discussion with “colleagues”
  • Barefoot Bar cocktail party and social hour
  • Comedic Jugglers on Monday night
  • Recreational activities
    • Sea World visit
    • SWTW - 2000 Sailing Regatta
    • Miniature Golf Tournament
    • San Diego Harbor and Naval Yards Cruise


Probe Card Cleaning

Monday - June 12, 8:30 to 10:00am

New Solution for Online Probe Needle Cleaning

Peter Binkhoff
ELMOS Semiconductor AG

Probe Card Online Cleaning

Gene Humphrey
International Test Solutions

Cleaning Economics

John Goulding
Electroglas, Inc.

Area Array and Vertical Probing

Monday - June 12, 10:30am to 12:30pm

C4 Probe Card Space Transformer Technology Overview

Grace Chan and Justin Leung, Ph.D.
Intel Corp

Improvements in Vertical Probing

Isabelle George, Ph.D.
UPSYS/Probe Technology SAS

Alternatives to Vertical Probing

Phil Seitzer
Lucent Technologies

Development of a Scalable Spring Contact for Probe Cards

Robert Martin
Form Factor Inc.

Probe Mark Inspection

Monday - June 12, 1:30pm to 3:00pm

Using AVI for PMI and Implementing AVI into the Test Floor Production Process

Mamo Matsushime
Texas Instruments (Hiji)

Mike Clay
STI, Inc.

Implementing of AOI in a High-Volume Manufacturing Environment

Robert Backie
August Technology, Inc.

Probing Process Analysis and Continuous Improvement

John Strom
Applied Precision, Inc.

Probe Potpourri

Monday - June 12, 3:30 to 5:30pm

Thermal Characterization at Wafer Test: Experiments and Numerical Modeling

Rahima Mohammed, Ph.D, and Jeanette Roberts, Ph.D.
Intel Corp.

Impact of DFT Techniques on Wafer Probe

Ron Leckie
Wipnet, Inc. (d.b.a. Infrastructure)

New Probing Technology Evaluation - Fine Pitch and Small Pads

Y.K. Choong
Lucent Technology

Jim Jaquette

Silicon Micro-Cantilever Probe Card

Dong-il Kim, Ph.D.
AMST Co., Ltd.

Controlling Probe Pad Damage

Tuesday - June 13, 8:00 to 10:00am

Contact Mechanics for Cantilever Probe Tip

January Kister and Krzysztof Dabrowiecki
Probe Technology

Vertical Pad Deformation during Probe

Samual McKnight
IBM Microelectronics

Assessing Pad Damage and Bond Integrity for Fine Pitch Probing

Dean Gahagan
Cascade MicroTech

Lee Levine
Kulicke & Soffa

Improving your Probing Process through Probe Mark Analysis

Tony Angelo and Bill Williams
Motorola (Chandler)

Impact of Pad Damage on Assembly

Tuesday - June 13, 10:30am to 12:30pm

Improving Yield for High Pin Count Wafer Probing Applications

John Goulding, Martin Elzingre, and Larry Hendler

Controlling Pad Damage

Maverick Brown

Pad Damage due to Probing: Solutions for the Future

Michael Huebner, Frank Pietzschmann, Uwe Bode
Infineon Technologies

Kristy Drew
White Oaks Semiconductors

Fine Pitch Probing, Wirebonding, and Reliability of Aluminum Capped Copper Bond Pads

Tu-Anh Tran, Lois Yong, and Robert Radke
Motorola (Austin)

Probe Contact Resistance

Tuesday - June 13, 10:30am to 12:30pm

Inline Probing of Bare Copper

Chrissie Manion
Intel Corp.

Rey Rincon and Jerry Broz, Ph.D.
Texas Instruments (Dallas)

Understanding Contact Resistance between Different Probe Tips and Contact Surfaces

Brett Crump and Sam Waggoner
Applied Precision, Inc.

Contact Resistance Mechanisms

Dale Gleason
Agilent Technologies

Electrohydrodynamic Cleaning for CRES Reduction in a High Volume Production Environment - An Engineering Evaluation

Jerry Broz, Ph.D.
Texas Instruments (Dallas)

Jim Andersen
Applied Precision, Inc.

Rey Rincon
Texas Instruments (Dallas)

Multi-Site Probing

Wednesday - June 13, 10:30am to 12:00pm

Let’s Skip and Win

Dominique Langlois and Patrick Buffel
Altis Semiconductor Corbeil-Essonnes

Multi-Square Probe Card (for Multi-DUT Testing of Peripheral Pad Layout Devices)

Kouichi Eguchi
Micronics Japan, Co., Ltd.

Mark Godfrey
Everett Charles Technologies

A Method for Probing… Multiple Four Sided, Fine Pitch, Small Pad Devices… using Cantilevered Probes

Lou Molinari

Prizes, Prizes and More Prizes

  • Best Presentation
  • Best Data Presented
  • “Early Bird” Presentation Submitted
  • Most “Inspirational” Presentation
  • “Dead Ass Last” Presentation Submitted
  • Other “Special Awards”

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