2008 IEEE SW Test Workshop

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Tutorials - Controlling Pad, Bump, and Probe Card Damage

Bond Pad Damage Tutorial

Ken Karklin
Touch Down Technologies

Jerry Broz, Ph.D.
International Test Solutions

Bill Mann
Chair Emeritus
SW Test Workshop

Advanced Confocal Microscopy on a Process Capable Platform

Eddy Robinson, Ph.D.
Hyphenated Systems

Achieving Tool-tool Correlation and Tool Stability for Probe Mark Inspection (PMI) in Automotive Applications

Rajiv Roy
Rudolph Technologies

Detecting Killer Particles to Protect Multi-DUT Probe Cards

Amir Gilad, Udi Efrat, and Guy Kafri


Dinner Session

Probe Year in Review

Jerry Broz, Ph.D.
General Chair
SW Test Workshop

Bill Mann
Chair Emeritus
SW Test Workshop

Keynote Speaker - "Wafer Test Industries Impact on ATE"

Debbora Ahlgren
Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Verigy, Inc.

Chairman's Welcome

Welcome to Semiconductor Wafer (SW) Test Workshop 2008

Jerry Broz, Ph.D.
General Chair
SW Test Workshop

"SWTW Lifetime Achievement Award" as presented by Jerry Broz, Ph.D.

Awarded to...Don Snow
CEO Emeritus
Founder of Applied Precision, LLC.

Session 1 - MEMs for Production-Level Probing

Novel Method to Store Spring Energy in Probes

Salleh Ismail, Ph.D.
TouchDown Technologies

Mechanical Design of MEMS Probes for Wafer Test

Chris Folk

MicroProbe Vx-MP Probe Card Technology

January Kister and Steve Hopkins
Microprobe, Inc.

Session 2 - Advances in Traditional Probe Card Technologies

'Argon': A new Epoxy Technology for Probing POA Power Devices

Raffaele Vallauri, Massimo Gervasoni, Luca Cecchetto, and Lucia Zullino

Stefano Lazzari, Riccardo Vettori, and Carlo Albini

Vertical Probe Alternative for Cantilever Pad Probing

Robert Doherty
Analog Devices

Robert Rogers
Wentworth Labs

Automatic Probe Assembly Machine

Jung-pyo Chun, Dave Oh, and Kyung-hwan Kim
TSE Co.,Ltd.
Winner - Most Inspirational Presentation

Session 3 - Improving Test Cell Performance

Mechanical Simulation of Probing on SMART POWER POA Devices

Luca Cecchetto, Lucia Zullino, Raffaele Vallauri, Lorenzo Cerati, and Antonio Andreini

Stefano Lazzari, Riccardo Vettori, and Carlo Albini

Use of On-Line Probe-to-Pad-Alignment (PTPA) Data to Improve Test Cell Performance

Ernesto Cornejo
Micron Technology

Statistical Process Control for the Sort Area

Darren Coil
Rudolph Technologies

ISMI Wafer Probe Council Team Activities & Industry Perspectives

Boyd Daniels
Texas Instruments

Stu Crippen
Intel Corporation

Tom Wear

Session 4 - Power and High Voltage

Real-World Avalanche Testing of Single-Die, Wafers, Hybrid Modules, and Packaged Devices

Taichi Ukai

Steven T. Clauter
Integrated Technology Corporation
Winner - Best Presentation, Tutorial in Nature

'Under Pressure' - From High Voltage to MEMS Pressure Sensors Wafer Probing

Rainer Gaggl, Ph. D.
T.I.P.S.Messtechnik GmbH

Session 5 - Large Array Probing

Challenges of 300mm Probe

Rod Doe
Rudolph Technologies

40k Probes on 300mm Probe Card - another step towards 1 touchdown DRAM SORT

Michael Hubner, Ph.D.

Electrical Planarity Characterization of High Parallelism Probe Cards

John Caldwell
Micron Technology

High-Performance Contactors for Wafer-Scale Test (WST)

Jim Brandes
Everett Charles Technologies

Session 6 - Probe Potpourri

Comparison of Drilling Rates and Tolerances of Laser-Drilled holes in Silicon Nitride and Polyimide Vertical Probe Cards

Alan Ferguson, Ph.D.
Oxford Laser

Non-contact Test at Advanced Process Nodes

Chris Sallathamby, Ph.D., Brian Moore, Jeff Hintzke, and S. Slupsky

CO2 Composite Spray Technology for Probe Card Cleaning

David P. Jackson
Cool Clean Technologies

Session 7 - Probe Card Cleaning Practices

Probe Card Cleaning Media Survey

Eric Hill and Josh Smith
Cascade Microtech

Methodologies for Assessing On-line Probe Process Parameters

Jan Martens
NXP Semiconductors (Hamburg)

Simon Allgaier
FeinMetall, GmbH

Jerry Broz, Ph.D.
International Test Solutions
Winner - Best Technical Presentation

VFPP-Very Fine Pitch 60uM Probe Card Technology Optimization

John D Wolfe, James Tong, and Norman Armendariz, Ph.D.
Texas Instruments
Winner - Best Data Presentation

Probe-tip Clean on Demand

Rob Marcelis
Salland Engineering

Session 8 - Strategic Design Methodologies

Design for Probe

E Boyd Daniels and Norm Armendariz, Ph.D.
Texas Instruments

Globalization and its Impact on the Probing Process

Manish Gulati
FormFactor, Inc.

Alan Romreill

Tangible Value can be Realized by Standardizing Probe Interfaces

Keith Imai
Semiconductor Test Consortium

Accelerating CAD Design of Probe Cards Using Allegro System Architect

S. Dharmarajan and Mike Goode

Session 9 - Probe Challenges

Effect of Ground Return Path on Timing Accuracy

Gert Hohenwarter
Gatewave Northern

Overcoming the Challenges of Parallel RF Test

Roger Hayward
Cascade Microtech

An Advanced Cantilever Probe Card with High Frequency Bandwidth (>3GHz) and Experimental Result

Morgan Ku, Phil Hsieh, Jason Ho, Sobers Chang, Seenew Lai, and Dick Ho
MPI / MJC Probe, Inc.

Poster Session

CO2 Composite Spray Technology for Probe Card Cleaning

David P. Jackson
Cool Clean Technologies

Clean the WAFER, NOT the PROBE CARD!

Terence Q. Collier

David B. Rennie and Chuck Lhota
Air Products and Chemicals
Winner - Best Poster Presentation

Unlocking the Mystery of Precision Inductors in High Volume Production RF Test Environments

Roger Hayward
Cascade Microtech

Advanced Technology for High Parallelism Testing of Image Sensor Devices

Phill Mai
JEM America

Implementing Tool Conversion Request (TCR) Protocol to Ensure the Effectiveness of Copper Contamination Control

Hasmayati Bakar and Zaiki Awang
Universiti Teknologi MARA

Wan Ab Aziz Wan Razali, Saiful Bahril Yeop Sohor, Harriman Razman and Raja Muhammad Zakwan

Manager III + System Accuracy and Repeatability

Oscar Beijert
Beijert Engineering

Comparison of Laser Drilled Holes in Silicon Nitride and Polyimide Vertical Probe Cards

Alan Ferguson, Ph. D., Patrick Lyon, Dimitris Karnakis and Martyn Knowles
Oxford Laser

Automatic Probe Assembling Machine

Dave Oh, Kyung-hwan Kim and Jung-pyo Chun
TSE Co.,Ltd.

SWTW 2008 Chairs

  • Dr. Jerry Broz, International Test Solutions, General Chair
  • Brett Crump, Micron Technologies, Technical Program Chair
  • William Mann, Gneral Chair Emeritus
  • Maddie Harwood, CEM, Inc.,Finance Chair
  • Meredith M. Griffith, CEM, Inc., Registration / EXPO Coordinator

SWTW 2008 Program Committee

  • Nadine Aldahhan, Freescale Semiconductor
  • Jack Courtney, IBM Microelectronics
  • Warren "Stu" Crippen, Intel
  • Michael Egloff, AMD, Expo Coordinator
  • Michael Harris, Texas Instruments
  • Ken Karklin, Touchdown Technologies, Poster Session Coordinator / Program Committee
  • Ger Koch, NXP Semiconductor
  • Patrick Mui, JEM-America, Poster Session Coordinator / Program Committee
  • Rey Rincon, Integrated Test Corporation
  • Roger Sinsheimer, Xandex, Program Committee
  • Fred Taber, BiTS Workshop, Proceedings Coordinator

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