Trivia Questions

  1.  What animal welcomes you in MPI’s Welcome Video?
    1. A dog
    2. A cat
    3. A bird
    4. A monkey
  2. What does Jory Twitchell create in his spare time?
    1. Crossword puzzles
    2. Leather products
    3. T-Shirt designs
    4. Vegetable gardens
  3. What does Karan Maniar enjoy playing?
    1.  Semi-Pro Golf
    2. Concert Piano
    3. Strategic board games
    4. Video games
  4. What is one of Sabastian Grimaldi’s passions?
    1. Motorcycling
    2. Hiking
    3. Breeding cats
    4. Reading
  5. What has Mike Slessor been doing since he was a young boy?
    1. Playing baseball
    2. Skiing
    3. Sailing
    4. Fly Fishing
  6. Hanjo Rhee is engaged in what projects?
    1. Environmental Protection
    2. Political Awareness
    3. Social Intervention Art
    4. Ted Talks
  7. For his graduate school work Daniel Bock went to the South Pole, being in every time zone at the same time.
    1. True
    2. False
  8. Tobias Gnausch enjoys the following:
    1. Gourmet cooking
    2. Land Kiting
    3. Competitive Swimming
    4. Classical Music
  9. Pooya Tadayon is in competition with his mother-in-law doing what?
    1. Reading spy novels
    2. Completing crossword puzzles
    3. Growing vegetables
    4. Learning foreign language phrases
  10. Alessandro Antonioli enjoys this sport in his spare time:
    1. Tennis
    2. Skiing
    3. Football
    4. Mountain Biking
  11. What new SWTest Initiative announcement was made today?
    1. Student Grants
    2. SWT Crew
    3. Seniors in Semiconductors
    4. Friends of SWTest
  12. Dr. Jeorge Hurtarte is the lead co-author of the book “Understanding Fabless IC Technology”.
    1. True
    2. False
  13. Celadon’s swag giveaway was which of the following?
    1. A mug
    2. A pen and screwdriver
    3. Printable 3-D items
    4. A flashlight
  14. Which Sponsor is celebrating their 50 year anniversary?
    1. FormFactor
    2. MJC
    3. International Test Solutions
    4. MPI
  15. Which Sponsor gave a virtual cup of coffee as their swag?
    1. Nidec SV TCL
    2. Integrated Technology Corporation
    3. International Test Solutions
    4. FormFactor
  16. Which sponsor’s manufacturing operations are in Reno, Nevada?
    1. Integrated Test Solutions
    2. International Test Solutions
    3. inTest
    4. Advanced Probing
  17. Which Sponsor is a leading manufacturer of advanced probe cards for memory devices (DRAM, Flash)?
    1. JEM
    2. STAr Technologies
    3. Tokyo Seimitsu (Accretech)
    4. Nidec SV TCL
  18. This sponsor has been supplying innovative thermal management tools to the semiconductor industry since 1970.
    1. AEHR
    2. ERS
    3. ELES
    4. T.I.P.S.
  19. This sponsor’s swag giveaway was a free laser micromachining day to drill guide plates.
    1. Posalux
    2. Point Engineering
    3. Oxford Laser
    4. Technoprobe
  20. This new sponsor offered 1 on 1 Webex meetings to attendees.
    1. ELES
    2. Point Engineering
    3. Veco B.V.
    4. Heraeus
  21. This sponsor’s welcome video encouraged attendees to “Explore New Horizons”.
    1. Posalux
    2. T.I.P.S.
    3. Heraeus
    4. Technoprobe
  22. Which Exhibitor has led the way in the production of ultrafine wires and advance alloys for more than 50 years?
    1. T.I.P.S.
    2. ELES
    3. Veco B.V.
    4. Heraeus
  23. Which Exhibitor has the policy of never charging for the development of motherboards for new test interfaces?
    1. International Test Solutions
    2. Integrated Technology Corporation
    3. inTest
    4. Technoprobe
  24. Which Sponsor had Taylor Made TPS Custom Logo Golf Balls for their Scavenger Hunt prize?
    1. International Test Solutions
    2. inTest
    3. ITC
    4. PEC
  25. Which Sponsor wants you to use their “Building Blocks” to produce your next generation MEMS wafer design?
    1. Advanced Probing
    2. PTSL
    3. Veco
    4. MPI
  26. Which Exhibitor is “Your Partner in Semiconductor Reliability”?
    1. ERS
    2. AEHR
    3. ELES
    4. APS
  27. Which Exhibitor’s swag giveaway was a cordless phone power bank with lightning adaptors?
    1. Technoprobe
    2. T.I.P.S.
    3. FormFactor
    4. International Test Solutions
  28. Which Exhibitor had a set of silver tumblers as their Scavenger Hunt prize?
    1. Accretech
    2. STAr
    3. International Test Solutions
    4. Heraeus
  29. Which of the following are T.I.P.S’ Probing Specialties?
    1. Bare Chip Test Socket for Lab Characterization
    2. Rotary Management Probe Card
    3. Gas Sensor Probe Card
    4. All of the Above
  30. Nidec SV TCL’s Poster Presentation deals with the Transparent Probe Head. 
    1. True 
    2. False
  31.  What Gold Sponsor is headquartered in Taiwan?
    1. JEM
    2. STAr
    3. MJC
    4. PTSL
  32. Which Silver Sponsor is a worldwide supplier of burn-in test equipment and pioneer of Wafer Level Test & Burn-in (“WLTBI”) FOX platform?
    1. ELES
    2. APS
    3. AEHR
    4. ERS

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