2002 Southwest Test Workshop Program

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Wafer Level Burn-in Tutorial

Introduction to Wafer Level Burn-In

Bill Mann
General Chair
Southwest Test Workshop

WLBI at Motorola

Teresa McKenzie
Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector

Solutions to Technical Challenges for WLBI

Steve Steps
Aehr Test Systems

Dinner Guest Speakers

Wafer Testing - Where Back End Meets the Front End

Charles L. Lassen
Managing Partner
Prismark Partners, LLC

The Need for a Revolution in Test Tooling

Steven B. Strauss
Intel Test Tooling Operation Manager
Intel Corp.

Cassini Spacecraft Exploration of Saturn

Kevin Grazier, Ph.D.
Jet Propulsion Labs

International SEMATECH Wafer Probe Benchmarking Project

Fred Taber
Probe Project Chair
IBM Microelectronics


Opening Session

Welcome to SWTW-2002

Bill Mann
General Chair
Southwest Test Workshop

Session 1 - High Power Probing

Modeling Distributed Power Delivery Effects in High Performance Sort Interface Units

Brett Grossman and Tim Swettlen
Intel Corp.
Winner - Best Overall Presentation

Enabling at Speed Parallel Testing for High Power Products

Tim Swettlen and Abdel Abdelrahman
Intel Corp.

Probing 10 kV and 100 Amps: Challenges and Solutions for High Voltage / High Current Wafer Probing

Rainer Gaggl, Ph.D.
T.I.P.S. Messtechnik GmbH
Winner - Most Inspirational Presentation

Session 2 - Process Optimization

How to Reach more than 1 Million Touchdowns per Probe Head when Testing High Current / High Pin Count Microprocessors ???

Jens Kober
AMD Saxony Manufacturing GmbH

Best Practice Metrology Protocol

Sal Gullotta
Wentworth Laboratories, Inc.

W. Stuart Crippen
Intel Corp.

Extending Probe Card Life for Fine Pitch Probe Cards

Gene Humphrey
International Test Solutions

Session 3 - Advances in Probe Card Analyzers

Probe Card Metrology and Correlation at High Temperature

Rod Schwartz and Daniel Kosecki
Integrated Technology Corporation

Application of Precision Engineering Principles in Linear Stage Design

Gary Gunderson
Applied Precision, LLC

A Novel, High Precision Approach for Probe Card Metrology

Raymond Kraft, Ph.D.
Applied Precision, LLC

Session 4 - Probe Potpourri

Dynamic Variation of Contact Resistance in Test Interfaces

Todd Sargent
Testdesign / inTest Corporation

Advances in Laser Micromachining for Wafer Probing and Trimming

Andrew Webb
Oxford Lasers, Inc.

Using MLO Packages to Build Vertical Probe Space Transformers

Bill Pardee and Bill Fulton
Wentworth Laboratories, Inc.

Session 5 - C4 Bump Challenges

Electrical and Mechanical Characterization of MicroSpring BladeRunner tips on Reflowed Eutectic Bumps

Rod Martens, Ph.D.
Form Factor, Inc.

Scott Mitchell
Texas Instruments, Inc.

Probing Lead Free Solder Bumps in Final Wafer Test

Sam McKnight
IBM Microelectronics
Winner - Best Data Presentation

Intel Sort-Interface-Unit (SIU) Design Methods for Reducing Burn Rates on Tight-Pitch C4 Logic Arrays

Kip Stevenson and Pooya Tadayon
Intel Corp.

Session 6 - RF and Parametric Probing

40 GHz on Wafer Testing for Two Port Devices

Mark Echeagaray
MaCom Tech

RF S-Parameter Measurements - A Production Solution"

William Knauer
Keithley Instruments, Inc.
Winner - Best Presentation, Tutorial in Nature

Production Test of Process Control Monitors (PCMs) with Pyramid Probe Cards

Ken Smith
Cascade MicroTech

William Knauer
Keithley Instruments, Inc.

Jerry Broz, Ph.D. and Jason Aronoff
Texas Instruments, Inc.

Ultra Low Noise Probing for Parametric and RF Testing

Larry Hendler
Hendler Enterprises

John Salois, Steve Lugosi, Karl Heiman, and Robert Fenton

Session 7 - What's Next for Probers?

Advanced Fiducial Alignment for Photolithography Probe Cards

Troy Harnisch and Ira Feldman
NanoNexus Inc.

Karl Heiman and Fenglei Du
Electroglas Inc.

Speed Bumps in Fast Probing

Lalit Kumar, Ph.D., Janaki Vegiraju, and Bob Fenton
Electroglas, Inc.

GlasTest : Interface Management Software for EG2001

Philippe Sandri and Brice Blanc

Session 8 - New Probe Technologies

HAWK: High Parallel Hybrid Probe Card for Memory Devices

Phill Mai
JEM America Corp.

Area Array Cobra Probe Card With 5 GHz. Bandwidth

Raphael Robertazzi
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Advantest's PhotoFingerâ„¢ Probecard

David Yu, Ph.D. and Yu Zhou, Ph.D.
Advantest America, Inc.

VSCC: Vertical Spring Contact Card for Bump Probing

Patrick Mui and Kaz Okubo
JEM America Corp.

Shunsuke Sasaki and Akira Okuma
NHK International

Session 9 - Probe Process Assessment

High Productivity/Cost Effective Wafer Probing

Larry Hendler
Hendler Enterprises

Karl Heiman and Robert Fenton

Towards the Fine Pitch - Constraints and Methodology

Geraldine Persico, David Papazian, and Roger Milesi
ST Microelectronics

SWTW 2002 Program Committee Members

  • Bill Mann, General Chair
  • Rey Rincon, Texas Instruments, Technical Program Chair
  • Jerry Broz, Technical Program Vice-Chair
  • Fred Taber, IBM

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