2005 Southwest Test Workshop Program

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High Power Probing Tutorial

Optimum Wafer to Thermal Chuck Interface

Harald Ibele
Maccs LLC

Klemens Reitinger

Liquid Interface at Wafer Test

Phil Diesing, David Gardell, and David Audette
IBM Microelectronics

Power Delivery Model of Test Probe Cards

Habib Kilicaslan and Bahadir Tunaboylu, Ph.D.
Kulicke & Soffa Industries

Sort Tooling Probe Burn Control

Matt Cladius
Intel Corporation


Chairman's Welcome

Welcome to SWTW-2005

Bill Mann
General Chair
Southwest Test Workshop

SWTW Lifetime Achievement Award as presented by Bill Mann

Yoshiei Hasegawa
President and CEO
Micronics Japan Co.

Session 1 - Modeling to Reduce Dielectric Cracking

Eliminating Dielectric Cracking of Cu/Low-k Devices During Cantilever Probing

Daniel Stillman and Cheryl Hartfield
Texas Instruments, Inc.

Why Using Finite Element Analyses to Optimize Cantilever Probe Card Design?

Lich Tran, Ph.D. and Rey Rincon
Kulicke & Soffa Industries

Key Methods in Reducing Pad Void Formation and Experimental Result

Frank Hwang, Y.S. Kuo, and Y.J. Hsiao
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Session 2 - Reducing Probe Costs

Microprocessor Probing Challenges: Scaling Sort Cost with Moore’s Law

Jun Ding, Thomas Little, Jin Pan, and Tim Swettlen
Intel Corporation

Optimizing Test Strategies for Multi-DUT Wafer Probing

Ken Smith
Cascade MicroTech

Extra Large Multi-DUT Array Probing Enabling > X100 Parallel Testing

Bassam Dabit and Trung Nguyen
Intel Corporation

Decreasing Repair Cost and Improving Probe Card Life A Case Study

Rod Schwartz
Integrated Technology Corporation

Sue Neises
Intel Corporation

Session 3 - Probe Potpourri

ISMI Probe Council: Standard Probe Head Interface for Cobra Space Transformer

Jack Courtney
IBM Microelectronics

Michael Egloff

Mike Harris
Texas Instruments, Inc.

Laser Micromachining: A flexible tool in Vertical Probe Card Manufacturing

D.Karnakis, G.Rutterford, and M.Knowles
Oxford Lasers Ltd. (UK)

Oxford Lasers Inc. (USA)

DDR2 DRAM High-Frequency Test at Probe (HFTAP)

Masahide Ozawa
Elpida Memory, Inc.

Yoichi Funatoko
FormFactor Inc., Asia

Session 4 - New Technologies

MEMS Solution for Semiconductor Probing

Dr. Howard Hsu
SCS Hightech Inc. (Taiwan)

Cobra FP Probe Card for Multi-DUT Logic and Memory Applications

Lucie Mialhe, Isabelle Garidi, Ph.D., and Bahadir Tunaboylu, Ph.D.
Kulicke & Soffa Industries
Winner - Most Inspirational Presentation

New Composite Probe of Rh and Ni-Mn for High Current and Fine Pitch Testing

Kazunori Okada. Yoshihiro Hirata, Tsuyoshi Haga, and Masao Sakuta
Sumitomo Electric Industries, LTD.

Session 5 - On The Road To Full Wafer Test

Full Wafer Test: Making Test More Cost Effective

Steve Steps
Aehr Test Systems

A Novel Probe-Card for 8-inch Full Wafer Contact using MLS

Tatsuo Inoue and Fred Megna
Micronics Japan Co. LTD

Application of Larger Probing Area by Cantilevered Probes

Dave Oh and Gyo-chol Chu
TSE (South Korea)

Large Area Probing Meets Small Pitch

Gunther Boehm
Feinmetall GmbH

Session 6 - Minimizing CRes Instability

Comprehensive Approach to Control Contact Resistance Instability and Improve First Pass Yield of Bumped Devices

Atsushi Mine and Phill Mai

Jerry Broz, Ph.D.
International Test Solutions

Joe Foerstel and Sean Chen
Altera Corporation
Winner - Best Technical Presentation

Impact of Vibration on Contact Resistance

Al Wegleitner
Texas Instruments, Inc.
Winner - Best Data Presentation

Dynamic Switching Test Technology for IGBT Chip Under High Power Operating Condition

Y. Masuma, A.Yoshida, K.Yamada, and S. Sumi
Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd.

An Advanced Probe Characterization Tool for Online Contact Basics Measurements

Oliver Nagler
Infineon Technologies AG

Markus Reinl and Prof. Dr. Ignaz Eisele
Universität der Bundeswehr

Session 7 - Probe Process Characterization

Reducing False Defects: Debris and Edge Excursions

Rajiv Roy
August Technologies

Probe Card Metrology Qualification Methodology

Yossi Revah and Eugene T. Doan
Intel Corporation

The 'Probe Card Signature' Syndrome or Who has the 'Old Maid'

Frank Pietzschmann
Infineon Technologies

Jim Andersen
Applied Precision, LLC
Winner - Best Presentation, Tutorial in Nature

Fully Integrated True CRES Measurement for Probe Cards and Probing Process Characterization

Rick Hales and Koorosh Zaerpoor
Intel Corporation

Session 8 - Probe Test Data Management

Test Data Management in a Complex Environment

Glenn Claudi-Magnussen
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Analysis of EWS Test Data for Reliability Improvement through Outlier Detection and Automated Ink Map Generation

Paul Buxton and Paul Tabor
Test Advantage Ltd.

Dynamic Parts Average Testing in Real-time

Micky Ray
Pintail Technologies, Inc.

Meeting the New Challenges of Test

Micky Ray
Pintail Technologies, Inc.

SWTW 2005 Chairs

  • William Mann, General Chair
  • Jerry Broz, Ph.D., International Test Solutions, Technical Program Chair
  • Maddie Harwood, CEM Inc., Registration and Finance Chair
  • Megan White, CEM Inc., EXPO Coordinator

SWTW 2005 Program Committee

  • Jack Courtney, IBM Microelectronics
  • Michael Egloff, AMD
  • Michael Harris, Texas Instruments
  • Ken Karklin, Agilent Technologies
  • Ger Koch, Philips Semiconductor
  • Scott Mitchell, Texas Instruments
  • Rey Rincon, Kulicke and Soffa
  • Phil Seitzer, Agere (Retired)
  • Roger Sinsheimer, Xandex
  • Tim Swettlen, Intel
  • Fred Taber, BiTS Workshop General Chair
  • Bill Williams, Freescale (Retired)

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