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Technical Tutorials

Session #1 - Vertically Challenged

Session #2 - Lasers and Sensors

Session #3 - High Speed Testing - Challenges and Innovative Solutions

Session #5 - Probe Card Analytics (Predicative Modeling and Characterization)

Session #6 - Probe Potpourri

Session #7 - Here is Something Different...

Session #8 - Cost of Ownership

Session #9 - High Volume Probe Challenges

  • Production Parametric, challenges and surprising outcomes running high volume manufacturing
    • Karen Armendariz (Celadon Systems - Apple Valley, MN, USA)
    • Frederick Huang, Greg Bottoms, Greg Tyrpak, John Reynolds (Freescale - Austin, TX, USA)
  • AP to LPDDR Test Probe Card
    • Jung Keun Park, Young Bu Kim, Ji Sun Lee, Hyun Min Kim, Se Mi Park, and Jennifer Lee (Willtechnology - Suwon, Korea)
    • Seung Ki Nam and Jung Woo Sung (Samsung - Suwon, Korea)
    • Joung Ho Kim, Jong Hoon Kim, and Jin Wook Song (KAIST - Deajeon, Korea)
  • Optimization of Probe Capability Using Machine/Process Capability Study
    • Wiljelm Carl Olalia (ON Semiconductor Philippines, Inc. - Carmona, Philippines)

  • Awarded Presentations

    • Best Overall - Experience in Applying Finite Element Analysis for Advanced Probe Card Design and Study
      • Krzysztof Dabrowiecki and Jorg Behr (Feinmetall GmbH - Herrenberg, Germany)
      Best Data - Probe Route Optimization and its effects on the efficiency of test
      • Daniel Fresquez and Ms. Rachel Koski (Texas Instruments - Dallas, TX, USA)
      Best Tutorial - An innovative design and implement of vertical probe card for High Speed Loopback (12 Gbps) Application
      • Morgan Ku, Alex Wei, Seenew Lai, Akey Chen, Anderson Huang, Steven Wu, Cahris Lin (MPI Corporation - Zhubei, Taiwan) and Y.S. Kuo and Kenny Tang (TSMC Corporation - Hsinchu, Taiwan)
      Most Inspirational - Determining Probe's Maximum Allowable Current
      • Jarek Kister and Amy Leong (FormFactor, USA) and Amer Cassier (Qualcomm - San Diego,CA, USA)

    Steering Committee Members for SW Test 2015:

    Dr. Jerry Broz, Ph.D., International Test Solutions, General Chair 
    Rey Rincon, Freescale Semiconductor, Technical Program Chair 
    Maddie Harwood, CEM Inc., Finance Chair 
    John Caldwell, Micron Technology, Program Committee
    Darren James, Rudolph Technologies, Program Committee
    Jan Martens, Consultant, Program Committee
    Patrick Mui, JEM America, Program Committee
    Fred Taber, BiTS Workshop, Proceedings Coordinator
    Karen Armendariz, Celadon Systems
    Gunther Boehm, FeinMetall GmbH
    Stevan Hunter, Ph.D., ON Semiconductor and Idaho State University
    Michael Huebner, Ph.D., FormFactor
    Tatsuo Inoue, Micronics Japan (MJC)
    Amy Leong, FormFactor, Inc.
    Clark Liu, Powertech Technology, Inc. (PTI)
    Mark Ojeda, Spansion
    Joey Wu, MPI Corporation
    Al Wegleitner, Texas Instruments, Inc.

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