2007 IEEE SW Test Workshop

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Tutorials - Probe Card Cleaning

Probe Card Cleaning – A Short Tutorial

Jerry Broz, Ph.D., Gene Humphrey, and Wayne Fitzgerald
International Test Solutions, Inc.

Online Semi-radius Probe Tip Cleaning and Reshaping

Sam McKnight and Michael Agbesi
IBM Microelectronics

Probe Tip Clean on Demand

Rob Marcelis
Salland Engineering


Dinner Session

Probe Year in Review

Bill Mann
General Chair Emeritus

Roger Sinsheimer

Keynote Speaker - "Sort Test Technology Development"

Vikas Sharma
Wafer Test Manager
Intel Corporation

Chairman's Welcome

Welcome to Semiconductor Wafer (SW) Test Workshop 2007

Jerry Broz, Ph.D.
SWTW General Chair
SW Test Workshop

William Mann
Chair Emeritus
Founder of SW Test Workshop

"SWTW Lifetime Achievement Award" as presented by Jerry Broz, Ph.D.

Awarded to...William Mann
Chair Emeritus
Founder of SW Test Workshop

Session 1 - Probe to Pad Contact Mechanisms

Mark Inspection as Part of Quality and Reliability Tests In Automotive Devices

A. Garcia
Texas Instruments, Inc.

T. Weiss, U. Efrat, and I. Griberg
Camtek USA, Inc.

Effect of Different Wafer Pad Metallizations on ViProbe® Scrub Marks

Sylvia Ehrler, Ph.D.
Feinmetall GmbH

Electrical Contact Resistance - The Key Parameter in Probe Card Performance

January Kister and Steve Hopkins
Microprobe, Inc.
Winner - Best Data Presentation

Session 2 - Controlling Pad Damage

Wafer Probing Scrub Analysis to Optimize KGD Applications

Ying Wang, Ph.D., Rod Martens, Ph.D., Sunil Wijeyesekera, Ken Matsubayashi, Tom Napier, and Amy Leong
FormFactor, Inc.

Control of Pad Damage Using Prober Operational Parameters

Deborah Miller
Micron Technology

Jerry Broz, Ph.D.
International Test Solutions

Edward Robinson, Ph.D.
Hyphenated Systems, LLC

Closing the Loop: Incorporating Sort Floor Data to Improve Probe Card Performance

John Strom
Applied Precision, LLC

Alan Romreill

Session 3 - Strategic Design Methodologies

New Pathfinding and Supplier Investigation Strategy

Roy Swart and Ethan Caughey
Intel Corporation

Key Methods in Reducing Pad Crack Risk at Probing Low-k Wafers

Alan Romreill

Amy Leong
FormFactor, Inc.

Design Considerations for Parametric RF Probing in Production Test Environments

Roger Hayward
Cascade MicroTech, Inc.

Measuring Z-Accuracy Using a Force Sensor

Sancho Adam
Electroglas, Inc.

Session 4 - Large Area Array Probing

Probes A New Dimension in Probe Count

Michael Huebner, Ph.D., Satoshi Hatsumori, and David Pritzkau
FormFactor, Inc.

Yosuke Kawamata and Shoichi Matsuo
Tera Probe Inc.

Reinforcement of PCB using Advanced Stiffeners for High Pin Count Devices

Nicolas Salles and Rehan Kazmi, Ph.D.
SV Probe Technology

Wayne Nelson
Reid-Ashman Manufacturing

Challenges in Testing High Force 300mm Probe Card Arrays

Rod Schwartz and Mark McLaren
Integrated Technology Corporation

Session 5 - Advanced Probe Card Technologies

Revolutionary Changes in C4 Wafer Test Probe Card Technologies

Ethan Caughey and Roy Swart
Intel Corporation

Advanced Probe Card Technology Enables Specialty Memory Wafer Test Requirements

Andrei Berar, F. C. Chong, and Eric Chieh
NanoNexus, Inc.

3D-MEMS Probe for Fine Pitch Probing

Ryuichiro Mori
Japan Electric Materials Corp

Hybrid Wafer Testing Probe Card

Brian Moore, Chris Sellathamby, Jeff Hintzke, and Steve Slupski
Scanimetrics, Inc.

Session 6 - RF Probing

Multi-site Probing for Consumer RF Applications

Jeff Arasmith Roger Hayward
Cascade Microtech, Inc.

Advanced Probecard Architecture for Lower-cost RF Wafer Testing

Brian Moore
Scanimetrics, Inc.

Probe Card Characterization in Time and Frequency Domain

Gert Hohenwarter
GateWave Northern, Inc.

Session 7 - Probe Pourri

ISMI Probe Council Probe Specification Guidelines and Cost of Ownership

Jack Courtney
IBM Microelectronics

Oliver Nagler

Stu Crippen
Intel Corporation

Jens Kober

Challenges of Vertical Probing for the 48 Core 11,700 Bump Count Vega2 Processor

Tony Altinis, Janet Wu, and Samy Makar
Azul Systems

Bob Rogers
Wentworth Labs

ROUTE60™ : A New Vertical Probing Technology

Roberto Crippa and Stefano Lazzari
Technoprobe, S.p.A.

Raffaele Vallauri and Massimo Gervasoni
Winner - Best Technical Presentation

Low Yield Response in High Volume Production

Haydee Barajas and Al Wegleitner
Texas Instruments, Inc.

Session 8 - Interfaces and Connectivity

Theory and Test Methods for Board-to-Board Interposer Technologies

Roger Sinsheimer
Xandex, Inc.

Thin Film Interposer Probes in Production

Chris Sullivan, John Hagios, Steve Duda, and Sally Francis
IBM Microelectronics
Winner - Most Inspirational Presentation

Stud Bump Technology for Space Transformer Lifetime Improvement on Cobra Probe

William Palcisko and Isabelle Garidi, Ph. D.
SV Probe Technologies

Christian Degen, Ph.D.

WSP- Cost Effective Wafer Scale Probing of WLCSP Wafer Level Chip Scale Package

Norman J. Armendariz, Ph.D.
Texas Instruments, Inc.

Session 9 - Interfaces and Connectivity

Sort Process and Its Challenges on CMT Platform

Sabita Roy
Intel Corporation

The Influences of Signal Matching During Parallel Multi-Site Testing

Eddie McClanahan and Al Wegleitner
Texas Instruments, Inc.

Taguchi's Method Applied to Probe Card Development

Vincent Reynaud
Winner - Best Presentation, Tutorial in Nature

Poster Session

Mobility of Metallic Contamination

Brett Crump
Micron Technology


Vincent Reynaud

Probe Card Metrology ‘LEAN’ Work Cell for Probe Card Surgeons

Ricky Rose
Intel - Ireland

Chemical Probe Card Cleaning Methods

Barry Weavers
Left Coast Instruments

Design Considerations for Parametric-RF Probing in Production Test Environments

Roger Hayward and Bob Hansen
Cascade MicroTech
Winner - Best Poster Presentation

60-um Vertical Probing

Fred Megna
Micronics Japan, Co, LTD

Advanced Confocal Microscopy for Rapid 3D Analysis

Edward Robinson, Ph.D.
Hyphenated Systems, LLC

SWTW 2006 Probe Card Metrology Panel Summary

Brett Crump
SW Test Workshop, Technical Chair

Development of Laser Drilling Systems for 300mm Vertical Probe Cards

D. M. Karnakis, J. Baker, A.J. Kearsley, A. Ferguson, M.R.H. Knowles
Oxford Lasers

Rocket science, star mapping vision algorithms and common sense for uncompromising probe card tester performance

Oscar Beijert
Beijert Engineering

SWTW 2007 Chairs

  • Dr. Jerry Broz, International Test Solutions, General Chair
  • Brett Crump, Micron Technologies, Technical Program Chair
  • William Mann, Gneral Chair Emeritus
  • Maddie Harwood, CEM, Inc.,Finance Chair
  • Meredith M. Griffith, CEM, Inc., Registration / EXPO Coordinator

SWTW 2007 Steering Committee

  • Nadine Aldahhan, Freescale Semiconductor
  • Jack Courtney, IBM Microelectronics
  • Warren "Stu" Crippen, Intel
  • Michael Egloff, AMD, Expo Coordinator
  • Michael Harris, Texas Instruments
  • Ken Karklin, Touchdown Technologies, Poster Session Coordinator / Program Committee
  • Ger Koch, NXP Semiconductor
  • Patrick Mui, JEM-America, Poster Session Coordinator / Program Committee
  • Rey Rincon, Integrated Test Corporation
  • Roger Sinsheimer, Xandex, Program Committee
  • Fred Taber, BiTS Workshop, Proceedings Coordinator

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