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Session #1 - Fine Pitch Bump and Pillar Probing

Dr. Jerry Broz (International Test Solutions, USA)

Session #2 - Industry Trends and Advanced Packaging Challenges

Mr. Darren James (Rudolph Technologies, USA)

Session #3 - Productivity & Accuracy Challenges in probing

Mr. Patrick Mui (JEM America - Fremont, USA)

Session #4 - Probe Card Design and Repair

Mr. Gunther Boehm (FEINMETALL GmbH - Herrenberg, Germany)

Session #5 - Power Delivery Challenges

Mr. John Caldwell (Micron Technology, USA)

Session #6 - Taking Probing Into New Directions

Mr. Mark Ojeda (Spansion - Sunnyvale, USA)

Session #7 - High Performance Probing in Volume Production

Ms. Amy Leong (FormFactor Inc. - San Jose, USA)

Session #8 - Probe Potpourri

Dr. Michael Huebner (FormFactor, USA)

Session #9 - Challenges of High Frequency Test

Mr. Rey Rincon (Freescale Semiconductor, USA)

Steering Committee Members for SW Test 2013:

Dr. Jerry Broz, Ph.D., International Test Solutions, General Chair 
Rey Rincon, Freescale Semiconductor, Technical Program Chair 
Maddie Harwood, CEM Inc., Finance Chair 
John Caldwell, Micron Technology, Program Committee
Darren James, Rudolph Technologies, Program Committee
Jan Martens, NXP Semiconductor, Program Committee
Patrick Mui, JEM America, Program Committee
Fred Taber, BiTS Workshop, Proceedings Coordinator
Gunther Boehm, FeinMetall GmbH
Michael Huebner, Ph.D., FormFactor
Tatsuo Inoue, Micronics Japan (MJC)
Amy Leong, FormFactor / Microprobe
Clark Liu, Powertech Technology, Inc. (PTI)
Mark Ojeda, Spansion
Joey Wu, MPI Corporation

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